Library Maker Spaces

Library Maker Spaces

I've always been a bit of a tinkerer.  It started with lego, and evolved eventually into my love of software development.  Along the way I played with lego mindstorm, raspberry pi, 3d printing, CNC milling and a bunch of minor oddities in between.

My tinkering was born of luck.  I was lucky to have a school that had access to this stuff.  I was lucky to have parents that fostered my interest and didn't mind when I would disassemble our things.

I want my kids to tinker too. I want them to feel that they can understand the things around them whether it is a gadget or website.  That's where the library has come into play.

Our library is a phenomenal source of all things tinkering!  The maker space sports a healthy array of computers alongside a collection of tools and machines.  They have 3d printers, heat presses, vinyl cutters, and a Carvey (and other tools that I haven't had the chance to explore yet). Not to mention the mountain of books that can help inspire and guide us along the way.

So far I've printed some baby dragons from  We've made countless vinyl cutouts for our t-shirts including butterflies, flames and unicorns and we're not done yet!  Our next project will be to design door plaques for both their doors. They're going to draw a prototype and we'll put them into the computer together.

The amount of creativity and excitement this has inspired in my kids is amazing!  My eldest is constantly thinking up new things he wants to make at the library. It has also inspired a sense of pride in both my kids because it was their work and ideas that made everything happen.  If you haven't already taken your kids to a maker space then do it!